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neoturis is a business and strategy consulting firm focusing exclusively on the tourism, entertainment and leisure industries.

In operation since November 2000, our primary goal is to support public and private companies with initiatives and opportunities within the aforementioned fields.

We carry the following type of services:

  • Strategic Planning;
  • Market, Economic and Financial feasibility studies;
  • Marketing and Communications;
  • Investment Support;
  • Operations Support;


Talent wins games, but only teamwork wins championships.
Michael Jordan


Fast and accurate counsel on your business initiatives in the Tourism and Leisure sectors. We help to implement the right strategy for success. Solutions for the future, we find them, today


Proved professionals design and developed customised solutions. Expert ideas are based on a series of assets that effectively fit your business goals and initiatives.


We successfully develop, operate and invest in the Tourism and Leisure sectors. Because we follow the expanded sector's added-value chain. Because we have a team at your disposal.

"In the eye of the hurricane"

Article by Eduardo Abreu.


Resorts: "Big projects come out of the drawer at the start of the new decade"

The perspective of Eduardo Abreu, partner of neoturis


Neoturis is proud to support the development of tourism in Alentejo

"Estremoz will have a whole block rehabilitated to make way for a hotel"


Since 2000 neoturis has been a driving force and support to public major national groups and investors, as well as to businessmen and enterprises, whose line of activity is, in any way, connected with the travel/tourism sector.


neoturis as a member of Salon Hospitality Consulting, a UK-based international network of hospitality and leisure, has worked in various hospitality and tourism-related projects in different European countries.


neoturis / CBRE is a partnership that provides strategic and business consulting services in the hotel, resort and leisure sector . Since our start in Brazil in 2010, our aim has been to support initiatives and opportunities associated with the tourism sector.


neoturis conducted several projects in Angola either to governmental entities as well as to business groups and investors, supported by the partnership neoturis / Zenki Real Estate, an affiliate of CBRE.


Because your goals are our goals.




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